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  • Fascinators

    Fascinators and styling.

    Creamos todo tipo de tocados y estilismos con diseños únicos y hechos a mano por Magic Gardens y Leo A...

    By Leo Altamirano Academy on April 06.2022

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  • Trucos y Tutoriales

    Tips y Tutorials

    On this website we sell many professional makeup products that you may not know, if you have doubts...

    Updated by Leo Altamirano Academy on January  29.2021.

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  • academy

    Open Registrations!

    With all the security measures, 2021 courses begin. Why study at the academy ...

    Updated by Leo Altamirano Academy on February 28.2022

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  • Glitter

    A World of Glitter!

    Discover the wide variety of colors, sizes and ways to apply glitter to your projects.

    by Body Painting Barcelona on April 20.2020

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  • World Body Painting Festival

    WBF Postponed!

    The World Body Painting Festival 2020 in Klagenfurt Austria is postponed until 2021.

    by World Body Painting Festival on April 07.2020

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