Terms and conditions of use

Return policy:

Important, payments to different countries are accepted due to the sale of virtual products such as the online academy and the sale of handmade products such as headdresses or handicraft accessories that can be exported to different countries outside the European Union, before doing any purchase check if in your country you need to pay any extra export tax. Any other product cannot be exported outside the European Union or the Schengen treaty.

All products are insured. In case of any damage during transportation, it must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. It is recommended to open the package and check the condition of the merchandise at the time of receiving it and, if there was any damage, return it at the same time. In these cases a new product will be sent without any additional charge.

Returns for manufacturing defect or incomplete product: There is a maximum return time of 5 working days. In this case the product will be sent again after the reception of the defective one.

In the case of purchase returns, shipping costs cannot be paid if it has already been made. Shipping costs can be returned only when the shipping label is NOT already printed.

Other reasons for return: As long as the material to be returned is in perfect condition and has not been used, the possibility of exchange or refund for the purchase value is offered in a maximun of 90 days. Keep in mind that the shipping costs in this case should be assumed by the customer or brought directly to our physical store. Whet the client agrees the shipment terms and conditions is also accepting the tens and conditions of the chosen courier company.

In all these cases you must send an email to art@leoaltamirano.com explaining the causes or reasons for return. We will respond to you as soon as possible. To comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that the communication and delivery is made within the time period stipulated in each case.

Shipments of orders from our online store will be made through many courier companies throughout the Spanish territory and most of the world (you can check the countries and delivery prices at the time of making the purchase). Please, when you place your order, make sure that your details are correct, and do not forget to indicate a mobile phone to contact you in case we need to confirm any information of the order.

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a tracking number online and phone where you can check the status of the shipment of your order. For more information check the DELIVERY terms.

COMPUTER ERRORS: If by some computer error or any other cause some Price or product is affected, either with a cost that is in extreme opposite, have a point or a comma out of place, please notify before making your purchase. If by any reason a customer makes a purchase of a product at a Price not corresponding either much lower or higher, we Will proceed to make a full refund of the purchase so that the customer can place a new order with the correct prices. At Leo Altamirano academy are committed to maintaining adequate prices for each product,  thus avoiding unfair competition with the other companies that distribute the same products.

COLORS: All the products have their color marked in the description and can be seen in the photo. However, depending on the monitor and its adjustment, the color seen on your screen may vary significantly. The color always corresponds to the color of the manufacturer.

We work with the best brands in Europe: Kryolan, Pankro, Superstar and Senjo, which meet the quality standards of the European Union.

Terms and conditions of the workshops:

Once a workshop has been acquired, if for any reason the client could not attend it, he could change it for another on a different date, paying the difference if necessary, or he would be given a PRODUCT Voucher from the store; all this as long as it is canceled at least 24 hours in advance. After this date, no refund or exchange will be made, except in the event that it was the same academy that canceled the workshop, in this only case if the full amount of the workshop could be paid if the client so wishes.

Once you have purchased a workshop, you have one year to attend the workshop you wish to attend. the expiration of the make-up workshops and services have an expiration of one year.

Terms and conditions of the face-to-face academy.

In order to access the Academy courses, each student must register, registration does not expire and allows students to access all kinds of courses and discounts on workshops.

In the purchase of the registration at the Leo Altamirano Academy of Makeup and Body Painting in Barcelona there are no refunds or changes.

In no case will the monthly payments or tuition fees be returned or made changes.

Students and professionals must update their information and request their PRO account discounts every year-end or in the case of finishing or leaving studies. The academy will only do this automatic process during school periods.

Students must follow the following academy rules:

1. At the Leo Altamirano Academy, any type of discrimination and / or violence within the center is prohibited, and may cause the immediate withdrawal of the student without any type of refund. An environment of respect, tolerance and freedom of expression is sought.

2. The student will be responsible for the materials provided by the academy, as well as the facilities, making responsible use of them.

3. The monthly payments must be made in advance in the first 5 days of each month, either by direct payment at the Center or through the bank checking account.

4. The registration fee must be paid before the course begins. This amount will be paid only once and guarantees the student's place for all the courses taught at the academy.

5. Withdrawals must be communicated at the Center at least 15 days before the first of the month in which the withdrawal will be caused in order to plan the classes. If not, the month must be paid, whether or not he attends the classes.

6. The payments are monthly, that is, this center does not teach classes by the hour, counting the months that have or do not have stipulated holidays.

7. As long as a student does not communicate his withdrawal at the address, he will be considered enrolled in the Center. If a student leaves the Center in the second half of the month, she must pay the full fee, since as we have clarified in the previous point, the payment is monthly.

8. The Study Center reserves the Right of Admission for those students who do not make their payment or other serious reasons.

9. Smoking is prohibited inside the Study Center; the academy has an area enabled for it. The consumption of narcotics is also prohibited in any area of ​​the academy.

10. Under no circumstances may the students paint or damage the furniture and materials provided by the academy, the responsibility of the Center, considering this, in the event that it occurs, as a serious offense, and the student or their person in charge will have to take charge of the arrangement of the immobilized .

11. Access to the classes can be denied to those students who are not up to payment.

12. Failure to comply with the above rules will imply that management will act accordingly.

13. All new students will be notified of the Leo Altamirano Body Painting Academy rules.

Terms and Conditions of the Online Academy.

The Online Academy modules are consecutive. Even if several modules have been purchased in advance, the topics or modules to which access has not been authorized will not be unlocked through the challenges established in the last class of each topic.

You will only have access to modules and topics consecutively. Being able to access only a higher topic if the previous topic or module has been passed, thus respecting the order of the academy videos.

Students can do their makeup on themselves or on a model. Only students who have passed the challenge will be unlocked the next topic, for this they must respect the theme of the same. The professionals in the academy will have the last decision in this regard and may request the repetition of any topic as many times as necessary, until they consider that the student has understood the techniques taught in the classes corresponding to the challenge.

Any student who sends any makeup that is not done by the student himself, or makes any makeup that may be considered offensive within the rules of behavior of the face-to-face academy, may be expelled from the virtual academy, losing the right to access the following videos of the academy, regardless of whether you have paid for them and, consequently, you will not receive any type of refund or certificate.

The email account to which the purchase is associated is precisely the one to which access to modules and topics will be sent and, at the end of the course, the corresponding diploma. Each student is responsible for keeping their account details up to date.

As it is a virtual product, once the first accesses to the Online Academy have been sent, there is no possibility of any type of return or exchange for other items.

Access to the Academy's videos is not limited to a specific number of views, but these videos should not be shared with third parties. Students may access as many times as they consider necessary, but the academy reserves the right to resend the links or deny access if they are misused.

The purchase of the Online Academy modules are limited to a single student associated with the purchase.

If for any technological reason or structural problem, a topic or module is not available, the student must wait for the Online Academy to solve the problem or even have to replay said videos, which could have been lost, hacked or removed for any adverse reason.

Students must have completed all the challenges satisfactorily in order to obtain the certificate from the Leo Altamirano Online Academy of Body Painting and professional makeup, which accredits the techniques learned. This certificate will be received via email at the end of all modules. If the student wishes, they can receive their certificate on paper, paying only the shipping costs, through a link on the web, after requesting this procedure.


You understand that coloured eye accessories are not use by any persons who suffer/are suffering from:

Any eye infection (e.g. Conjunctivitis)

Any corneal condition (e.g. Keratitis)

Any allergic eye conditions (e.g. Hay feber)

Any chronic eye conditions (e.g. Glaucoma)

You confirm that you will use these Colour Eye Accessories for cosmetic colour change puposes only.

You have been advised to immediately remove your Colour Eye Accessories if you experiene any undue irritation, discomfort, excess watering,  redness or inflamation of the eye.

You have received the “How to use and care for your Eue Fusione ye accessories” instruction leaflet which gives you guidance on the safe wear, removal and care for your new color eye accesories. Further copies of our guidance leaflet can be found on our website or available on request.

You understand the need for regular periodic check-ups with an Eye Care Practitioner, Optician or Optical Dispenser tomaintain Good ocular health.

You are over the age of 16 and understand that you should consulta n Optician, Optical Dispenser or Medical Practitioner prior to using these coloured eye accessories, or if you have any doubts about the suitability of these eye accessories.

You understand and acknowledge that your Colour Eue Accessories are not classified as a medical device.

You confirm all statements above to be true and accurate.


Sclera: Sclera Accessories should never been worn more than 4 hours per day. Never drive in this product.

Blind: Please note that due to the style of these eye accessories and how they cover the pupil, they offer only 20% vision. You Will not be able t osee clearly out of these accessories. Do not wear these while performing any tasks that require clear vision.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever as to whether these coloured eye accessories are suitable for you, you must not purchase them and consult your Optician, Eye Care Practitioner or Medical Practitioner.

You also confirm that you should NOT:

Share these eye accessories, as this cause eye infections

Sleep whilst wearing these eye accessories

Wash your eyes with water whilst wearing these eye accessories

Wear these eye accessories for longer than 8 hous at any one time



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