On this website we sell many professional makeup products that you may not know, if you have doubts about the correct use of a product or want to know which of them best suits your project or needs, do not hesitate to contact the academy, either by phone, email or our social networks. We will always try to get a professional to advise you as soon as possible to solve your doubts and you can buy the right product.

Learn tricks and trends in artistic makeup.

Technique is very important to be able to create impressive makeups, but practice and creativity will lead to success. In both the Leo Altamirano, Body Painting Barcelona and online academy, we focus on motivating creativity and freedom of expression, to achieve incredible results. In these short tutorials we show you some techniques and ideas that can help you learn about new products or applications to encourage your creativity.

Try to try different techniques and ideas, various ways of applying the products and with practice you will gradually get the experience and technique of a professional. Your limit is your imagination.

In this tutorial you will learn about some of the many possibilities of one of the most used elements in special effects FX makeup. Always remember to do an allergy test before applying latex to your skin or someone else's. You can find applicators with liquid latex in your Body Painting Barcelona online store.

Learn how to use body clay to create impressive cracking effects, it is very easy to apply and also the clay will help cleanse your skin of toxins and naturally absorb fat. Once you remove the products from your skin, do not forget to put cream or a moisturizer since after a long time with the body clay your skin can dry out a bit. You can find green body clay in small portions in your Body Painting Barcelona online store. You don't need a large amount of clay to cover your face or body.

Discover some of the ways you can apply UV paint to create great effects for video transitions, hidden messages and incredible looks for parties and events. Discover the extensive range of UV products that we offer you on the web.


With this tutorial you will know how to achieve the butterfly effect with the use of water-based makeup or aqua paint, we will also briefly explain some tricks of the application, blurring and how to put several layers of bright colors with water-based makeup.

How to make fake wound effects with Seno Color FX effects wax, there are many other waxes or ways to achieve realistic wounds, this is just one of many ways to achieve it. We also explain how to apply the appropriate colors for a fresh wound, because the colors to be used in the wounds depend on the time it has and with what material it is infringed. The realism in fake wounds is achieved by understanding what colors emerge as the hours or days go by.

There are many products available to place prostheses, the material of the prostheses also varies but the most common are latex or silicone. In this video we show you how to place a latex one and we explain several placement options but the possibilities in the world of FX makeup are endless. Do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions about the characteristics of a product or its correct use.


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