Our Companies

We are two different companies working together.

Leo Altamirano.   www.leoaltamirano.com

Company dedicated to art and design. It has an academy, shop, studio and art gallery, focused on the growing world of Body Painting.

Magic Gardens.   www.magicgardens.es

Company dedicated to the design and creation of creative gardens, specialized in the management of spaces depending on the needs of the place and the client.

Together we create:

  • Vertical gardens and murals with live or preserved plants.
  • Extravagant interior designs
  • Luxurious houses for pets
  • Stunning advertising for companies, expos and events.


Torrent de les Flors 24 Bajos 1, Barcelona 08024.

Our purpose:

With our work we try to spread the art, respect, diversity and tolerance to our society. From the heart of Gràcia in Barcelona and with the help of internet we will continue with our purpose. Thanks to our space we have the opportunity to share these values with our students. We love what we do and we will try to infect everyone who is left.