Shop specialized in professional make-up Art, styling and body painting.

We are a store specialized in artistic makeup products, FX, Styling and all kinds of materials and accessories for Characterization and Body Painting.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and full of art, a store was needed to cover all those needs of the growing world of artistic makeup and Body Painting. A project that was born from the need to find all those products in one place, with a team of professionals who can advise you and give you ideas for your next projects. A place where you can solve doubts about how to use certain products, where you can see and test colors, brands and learn about the advantages of each brand or product.

Everything you may need for your project is here. Makeup, airbrushing, special effects and SFX, headdresses, wigs and all kinds of accessories for artistic makeup, Body Painting and professional makeup for Theater, Film and Television. We work with the best professional makeup brands, committed to the environment, not tested on animals and approved by the European Union. Kryolan, Pankro, Superstar, Senjo Color, Funky Vision, Magic Gardens and Leo Altamirano.

Professional Make-up Art and Body Painting Academy.

An unusual academy, with its own vision of the basic knowledge necessary to be able to compete and develop professionally in the makeup industry. Whether to work in the Cinema, Theater, TV or to complement your skills in the world of Drag, Characterization, Cosplay and personal and business image marketing design.

Not only do we want to contribute makeup techniques, our purpose is that students respect their own ideals and learn to distinguish their skills in order to be part of the growing world of Body Painting. Today a professional job in the theater, film and television industry is increasingly in demand. Thanks to Instagram, Youtube and television series such as Skin Wars, RuPaul's Drag Race, Blow up, euphoria, etc. Body painting is getting bigger and more competitive. From a Belly Painting or a temporary tattoo to a series of unprecedented artistic creations for high impact media and advertising. All courses at the academy are taught in Spanish and English, depending on the needs of the group.

In our intensive Body Painting PRO course, you will get all those tools you may need to be able to dedicate yourself to the artistic makeup and Body Painting industry. In addition to joining the Leo Altamirano Studio job bank.

Extravaganza Course, in which you can explore the aesthetics of Drag and Styling to apply them to your own image.

We also have specific courses in Airbrushing, SFX and Face painting and Artistic makeup for those people who only want to perfect or learn certain areas of artistic makeup, you can choose the courses that best suit your needs.

Body Painting Studio for individuals and companies.

We are a team made up of a wide variety of creative artists, all with different styles and trends. Thanks to this we can offer a diversity of services adapting to the needs of each client, assigning the appropriate professional to each project. We offer you a study prepared for all kinds of body painting techniques, the possibility of applying prostheses, wigs, headdresses and all kinds of accessories that may be necessary to give more realism and style to the idea you have. If you are clear about what you need, we will provide you with the right makeup artist / artist to achieve the desired style or you can make the decision and ideas of what to do with the help of our professionals who will advise you on the technical aspects and give you ideas on how to improve your project. .

Imagine an impressive host at the door of your event receiving your guests. We do Body Painting for fairs, conventions, parades, catwalks, discos, private parties, carnivals and all kinds of events.

We have choreographers, models, hosts, dancers, go-go dancers, pole dancers and drag queens so that your event has a great visual appeal and is a success. From artistic makeup to extravagant designs with ultraviolet paint. A wide range of possibilities for your event.


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