We ship our products with different companies, so that the customer has more possibilities to choose shipping with the company that gives them the most confidence and that best suits their needs. Each shipping company has its own terms and conditions. We do not set the terms and conditions of shipments. Each carrier usually always indicates the estimated delivery. It is important to understand that it is NOT an insured delivery, since each time an incident occurs, the transportation companies simply change the collection or delivery date.
Almost all shipping companies tend to have terrible customer service, but we will always try to help our customers as much as possible so that their packages arrive on time.
If the customer prefers, can pick the collection of products at the Leo Altamirano Academy, Is free within the hours of the establishment.
We are located at Calle Torrent de les Flors 36 Bajos 01, Barcelona 08024.
Orders within Spain peninsula are delivered throughout the next working day when the order was made before 12:00 am, If the purchase was made after 12:00am. may take another day, For the Balearic and Canary Islands it depends on the amount to be paid and the day of the week in which the order is placed, considering that the departures of Boats and Planes are made every Friday, likewise as a general rule orders made on Thursdays usually take less .
In the case of orders outside the European Union or the Canary Islands, it is very important to add the identity document number. For these specific cases, your purchase will be free of taxes, but the customs office of the country of destination is the one that will charge the taxes corresponding to your purchase, which vary depending on the country of destination. Find out about the specific customs fees and taxes in your country.
Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs, as well as shipping costs. The handling fees are fixed, the transportation rates vary according to the total weight of the shipment. We recommend that you group your items in a single order. We can not group two separate orders placed separately, and shipping rates will apply to each of them, special care is taken to protect fragile items.
We also deliver within Europe, prices and transit times vary depending on the area where they are located.
Shipping costs vary according to the location of the delivery thereof. Our products are sent from the Leo Altamirano academy in Barcelona, ​​which allows a fast delivery in Spain peninsula and discounts for purchase amount vary according to the distance of the academy
If you do not find your country within our shipping destinations, do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution. Find out about the customs taxes and rates specific to your country.
You will need to see the shipping terms and conditions for your chosen delivery service. Normal in the express delivery periods may vary... but as a guide:
DE- Germany 2-3 days of transit. 
FR- France 1-2 days of transit. 
MC- Monaco 1-2 days of transit. 
AT- Austria 1-2 days of transit. 
BE- Belgium 2-3 days of transit. 
GB- United Kingdom 4-5 days of transit. 
IT- Italy 2-3 days of transit. 
LU- Luxembourg 2-3 days of transit.
NL- Netherlands 2-3 days of transit. 
PT- Portugal 2-3 days of transit. 
CH- Switzerland 3-4 days of transit.
CZ- Czech Republic 2-3 days of transit.
DK- Denmark 2-3 days of transit. 
LI- Liechtenstein 3-4 days of transit. 
PL- Poland 3-4 days of transit. 
SI- Slovenia 3-4 days of transit. 
SK- Slovakia 3-4 days of transit. 
EE- Estonia 4-5 days of transit. 
FI- Finland 4-6 days of transit. 
HU- Hungary 2-3 days of transit. 
IE- Ireland 3-4 days of transit. 
LT- Lithuania 4-5 days of transit. 
LV Latvia 4-5 days of transit. 
NO- Norway 3-6 days of transit. 
SE- Sweden 3-5 days of transit.


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