We create all kinds of fascinators and outfits with unique designs and handmade by Magic Gardens and Leo Altamirano Studio, Body Painting Barcelona.

Ideal for events, theme parties, weddings, carnivals and artistic projects of photography, advertising, cosplay, artistic makeup and Body Painting.

Different supports are made depending on the dimensions and materials to be used. there are headdresses with headbands, wig type or as crowns. All of them designed according to the theme or design that you require. Always comfortable and with excellent finishes.

Request a quote for your next event and impress your guests with the accessories that we can make for you. Prices usually vary depending on the materials and difficulty of the designs, but they are generally in a price range between €35 - €80.

These are some examples of the type of previously made creations that are no longer available for sale. We can create headdresses or accessories similar to the previous ones, but taking into account that each product is unique, handmade and that there will always be differences between them.



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