Online Academy Pack 5 Modules

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Online Academy of professional make-up, FX, Face y Body Painting.

Pack of modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

In this academy you will learn all the necessary techniques to be able to perform in professional makeup, FX, Face and Body Painting. It is not required to be enrolled to access the online academy

The approximate teaching hours of each Module is 4-5 hours. 90min. approximate of each topic.

Check the terms and conditions before making your purchase.

Online Academy Pack 5 Modules

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Online Academy of Professional Makeup, FX, Face and Body Painting.

In this academy you will learn all the necessary techniques to be able to perform in professional makeup, FX, Face and Body Painting. Learning step by step from scratch, with the principles and bases of professional makeup from the theory of color and face physiognomy to the visual effects makeup techniques for Face and Body Painting, as well as film and television special effects makeup such as creation and placement of prostheses, wounds, aging and much more. All this with the help and feedback of a professional to help you achieve the level you need to obtain your certificate.

This academy is spoken in Spanish and is made up of 5 Modules. Each module has 3 topics with an approximate of 5 class videos each. These videos will be accessed through a link that will be sent via email in a period of no more than 24 business hours once the purchase is made or after successfully completing the challenge of each topic (accesses can only be unlocked consecutively).There is no defined time to send the challenges of each topic, each student must take the time they consider necessary to send their challenges, the online academy has no expiration or time limit to complete it.

The online academy has a cost of € 125 if purchased by Modules individually (€ 25 each module) or you can also buy the € 100 Pack with all modules in advance. Although all modules can be prepaid, they will only be unlocked topic by topic as each challenge is submitted.

When purchasing the Online Academy, an e-mail will be sent with access to the videos of the first 5 classes of Module 1- Topic 1. Once the student considers himself prepared, he must send the challenge indicated in these same videos together With all your doubts via e-mail to and a professional will analyze the makeup sent, will provide feedback with the positive factors and the errors that you see in the makeup and how to solve them, as well as the answer to possible doubts about each student (only doubts about the classes seen in each topic will be solved). Subsequently, an e-mail will be sent with the videos of the classes on the following topic. These classes can be seen as many times as necessary.

Only once all the modules have been successfully completed can the Online Academy certificate be obtained with the techniques learned.

Module 1 - The bases of professional makeup and Face Painting

Topic 1.1 - Color theory
Topic 1.2 - The order of the products
Topic 1.3 - Brushes, brushes and tools
Topic 1.4 - Application of makeup to water
Topic 1.5 - Foundation and contouring (Makeup challenge to unlock topic 2)
Topic 2.1 - Physiognomy of the face, visagism and contouring
Topic 2.2 - Physiognomy in eyes, blurred and outlined
Topic 2.3 - Accentuate and diminish features in the nose and mouth
Topic 2.4 - Eyebrow removal techniques
Topic 2.5 - Organic Shapes (Makeup Challenge to unlock topic 3)
Topic 3.1 - Dimension, light and shadow (use of pigments and glitter)
Topic 3.2 - Perspective
Topic 3.3 - Creation and use of templates
Topic 3.4 - Effects of scales.
Topic 3.5 - Splashing technique
Topic 3.6 - Symmetry and lines (Makeup challenge to unlock topic 3)

Module 2 - Professional Makeup and Face and Body Painting

Module 3 - The Basics of FX Makeup

Module 4 - FX and Styling

Module 5 - Concept and Marketing and Social Networks.

The purchase of the Online Academy modules is limited to a single student associated with the purchase.

The email account to which the purchase is associated is precisely the one to which access to modules and themes will be sent. It is very important to keep this information updated in the accounts of each student.

Students must have completed all the challenges satisfactorily in order to obtain the certificate from the Leo Altamirano Online Academy of Body Painting and professional makeup that accredits the techniques learned. This certificate will be received via email at the end of the challenges of all modules. If the student wishes, they can receive their certificate on paper, paying only the shipping costs, through a link on the web after requesting this procedure.

Click here to read all the Terms and Conditions before making your purchase.


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