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Fantasy eyes Lestat 30 days of use (1 pair)

Essential information:

For cosmetic use only

Does not impede vision

Sold in pairs

Last up to 30 days once opened

38% water

Container with sterile saline phosphate solution


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Safety Guide for Fantasy Eyes.

Wearing fantasy eyes should be a fun and creative experience, but eye health and safety should always be of utmost importance! Eye health should always be taken seriously, as serious mishaps can occur when fantasy eyes are not cleaned or kept properly cared for.

Before even considering purchasing fantasy eyes, you should consult an optician or eye health specialist to make sure your eyes are suitable for wearing them. Not all eyes are the same, as eye shape and possible personal conditions can affect your ability to use them. It is especially important to consult a doctor if you intend to use fantasy eye cosmetics for a long period of time.

People who suffer from any of the following should not use our fantasy eyes, as these eye conditions can be further aggravated by inserting contact lenses:

Any eye infection (such as conjunctivitis)

Any corneal condition (such as Keratitis)

Any allergic eye condition or condition (such as Hay Fever)

Any chronic eye disease (such as Glaucoma)

Once you have your fancy eyes, you need to make sure you understand all the ins and outs of cleaning and maintenance. Before using them, make sure you have all the necessary knowledge about insertion and removal. Here are a few tips on what you should and shouldn't do regarding the safety of your fantasy eyes.

Consult your optician or ophthalmologist before using/purchasing a pair of fantasy eyes

Wash and dry your hands when handling your fantasy eyes or trying to insert/remove them

Soak them in liquid contact lens solution for two hours before inserting them into your eye.

Wash fantasy eyes thoroughly in liquid solution if they touch anything other than your eyes

Keep your case clean and change the liquid solution regularly

Take off your fantasy eyes before going to sleep, bathing, showering, or doing water sports.

Remove your fantasy eyes if you experience any sudden or unexpected irritation, pain, redness, or excessive eye watering.

Consult your doctor if you notice any of the conditions mentioned above.

DO NOT use fantasy eyes after the recommended duration has expired (e.g. 1 day, 90 days, 1 year)

DO NOT use tap water, saliva or household products to clean your contact lenses, only a liquid eye care solution

DO NOT let them come into contact with any cosmetic products, i.e. makeup, deodorants, hair sprays, etc.

DO NOT attempt to insert fantasy eyes that appear damaged, broken, torn, or that may in any way compromise the health of your eyes.

DO NOT insert more than one pair of lenses into your eyes at the same time

DON'T share your fantasy eyes with someone else

Any uncertainties or concerns when using fantasy eyes should be discussed with an optician or eye care specialist. Make sure you know all the tips and tricks before you start using them. Above all make sure you have safe fun when using our fantasy eyes.

How to Insert Your Fantasy Eyes.

Putting on your fantasy eyes for the first time may seem like a cumbersome and scary process, but trust us when we say it couldn't be simpler. Although you may have difficulty putting them on the first few times, you will soon get the habit. It just takes a little patience at first!

Before you start inserting your fantasy eyes, make sure you have the following:

A contact lens case.

A bottle of liquid contact lens solution.

We strongly recommend that you soak your fantasy eyes in a suitable liquid solution for at least two hours before inserting them into your eyes for the first time. This will help protect your eyes and allow them to slide into place much more easily. Once this is done, you are ready to start!

Take out your fantasy eyes - After washing and drying your hands completely, take the fantasy eye out of its box. It is recommended that you pick it up with the index finger of your dominant hand. Make sure the fantasy eye sits on the tip of your finger the correct way - with it curved outward. (Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it's facing in or out, so be sure to inspect it carefully before placing it on your eye.)

Lower your eyelid - With your other hand, keep your eye open. The best way to do this is to lower your eyelid with your index finger, making sure to keep your eyelashes down as well. If not, there is a good chance that the fancy eye will get caught in the lashes, which is not ideal.

Place the fantasy eye on the eye - Look up, thus exposing the white of the eye, and insert gently. You'll probably feel a strong urge to blink when you do this the first few times - it's totally natural - but try to avoid it. If it's not in the right way, you should know right away that it will most likely come out when you blink.

Allow the lens to settle - Finally, keep your eye closed for a few seconds to allow it to settle. After this, check in the mirror to see if everything went correctly. If so, then congratulations! You've done it!

Repeat the process with the other eye - After this, repeat the process on your other eye. Once done, you're done! Get out there and show off your new look!

If the process isn't going as well as it should, or you find yourself struggling to insert your fantasy eyes, take a break to avoid irritating your eyes too much. Also remember to reapply some liquid contact lens solution if you think your lenses have dried out during the insertion process.

Try not to get frustrated if you can't insert your contact lenses right away. It will always be worth going to an optician if you have too many problems, we are sure they will be happy to help you. You should also visit your optician if you notice anything unusual when putting on your fantasy eyes. The health of your eyes is the most important thing!

SKU 150011
Marca Chromaview
Color Blanco 
Estilos Disfraz 
Duración 30 Días 
Cantidad 2 Por Pack (Par) 
Prescripción / Lentillas Correctoras No 
Tipos 0.00 / Neutro 
Diámetro 14.2 
Curvatura Base 8.6 
Contenido En Agua 38% 
Fabricado a partir de Polymacon


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