Belly Painting

Belly Painting, Professional makeup session.

Only the Belly Area (Approximate duration of 30-60 minutes).

Belly and Face Painting (Approximate duration of 60-120 minutes).

Half Body Painting (Approximate duration of 120-150 minutes).

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Belly Painting

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Includes an artistic makeup or face painting session at the Leo Altamirano Academy.

It is only required to make an appointment in person, by phone or by email with the Leo Altamirano Academy in Barcelona. The transformation includes the application of prosthetics or special effects, but does not include prostheses, nipple covers, ices, blood from the eyes or special applications. It only includes basic effects of blood, scars, aging or creations with latex or aqua skin. You can modify or change the product purchased for other products or services of the Leo Altamirano Academy, paying the price difference, if the change is for a lower price product or service, a voucher will be delivered with the remaining amount. No refunds are made. With these sessions the client is allowed to use the shower and the studio for photo or video sessions for one hour. (If required, you can purchase the session and photographic adjustments by the studio). If you require more information or have any questions, remember that you can contact us.

We offer you a study prepared for all kinds of body painting techniques, the possibility of applying prostheses, wigs, headdresses and all kinds of accessories that may be necessary to give more realism and style to the idea you have. If you are clear about what you need, we will provide you with the right makeup artist / artist to achieve the desired style or you can make the decision and ideas of what to do with the help of our professionals who will advise you on technical aspects and give you ideas on how to improve your project. .


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