Superstar fake blood.

Superstar clear and thick fake blood.

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Superstar fake blood.

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Superstar Fake Blood Clear Thick is a beautiful, clear and thick artificial blood. It can be used to make bloody wounds and to make a stream of blood run over the skin. It is ideal for creating arterial bleeding. Need blood splatter? for example, for your costume. Then use Clear Thick Blood for an easy, natural-looking effect. Ideal for wounds and Halloween.


The diluted blood can be applied with a brush or clean sponge.

For a blending effect, use a beard sponge.

For a splatter effect, take a brush that is not too small. Put the blood in and hit the brush against your hand and the blood will splatter.


Superstar Fake Blood Clear Thick is easy to remove with soap and water.

This blood is washable. First rinse the stains thoroughly with warm water, then wash by hand or in the washing machine.


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