Covid-19 information related to the services and benefits of Leo Altamirano Body Painting Shop, Studio & Academy

In the store and the academy we have adapted the facilities to deal with covid-19

Measures adopted by Leo Altamirano Shop, Studio & Academy based on the plan of 4 phases of de-escalation imposed by the government of Spain and the plan for the transition to a new normal announced by the Ministry of Health.

It should be noted that these are the data provided by the government on April 28 by the Ministry of Health and are subject to changes that may be announced by the government of Spain. based on the evolution of the de-escalation.

The Leo Altamirano Body Painting Barcelona Academy will adapt the protocol suggested by Superstar Makeup in the Netherlands.

Superstar COVID-19 protocol

This protocol is in addition to the instructions for use of Superstar Aqua Face and Bodypaint.

Superstar Aqua Face and Body Paint is produced in accordance with European regulations in Oosterhout, The Netherlands, and has a unique production process. Therefore, this protocol was written exclusively for Superstar Aqua Face- and Bodypaint in collaboration with our safety advisers.

At the moment, not much is known about the virus that causes COVID-19 but if makeup is used on different people, the following measures are recommended:

Spray the makeup surface after each individual use (not too much) with ethanol or isopropanol, both 70% or more. The liquid can be put into a bottle with a spray bottle. Both liquids kill the virus immediately and evaporate quickly, so makeup can be quickly reused or take a small amount of makeup from the bottle with a disinfected spatula and place it on a disinfected surface (small paddle, flat plate, on any case, a surface that is easy to disinfect). Before you start painting, make sure you get all the colors you need. After use, clean the spatula and the pan with clean soapy water and disinfect with ethanol or isopropanol, both 70% or more.

Replace brushes after each individual use with clean, sanitized brushes. Clean brushes after using with soap, rinse with clean tap water, wipe dry with a clean (disposable) cloth. Disinfect by immersing it in 70% or more ethanol. Let it air dry horizontally.

Replace the sponges after each individual use with clean (new) sponges. After a sponge has contacted the skin, do not use it again in makeup. Then take a clean sponge. After use, wash the sponges in the washing machine at 60 ° C with a mild detergent. Let air dry completely.

Be sure to work with a container of clean, disinfected water. After each individual use, rinse the water container with clean water and disinfect it with a cloth soaked in ethanol or isopropanol, both 70% or more.

Clean the Superstar Aqua Face and Body Paint after use with a clean sponge soaked in clean water. Squeeze the sponge well before using. Use a clean (new) sponge for each color. Let the makeup air dry, spray the surface (not too much) of the makeup with ethanol or isopropanol, both 70% or more. Clean the makeup packaging with a cleaning cloth moistened with the disinfectant fluids mentioned above or soapy water. Do not replace the cap until the makeup has dried. Store dry and cool until next use.

- Apply the glitter gel with a single-use applicator.

- To apply the small glitter, use a blower (glitter glitter)

- Provide a trash can. Preferably with pedal.

- Provide foot pedal waste or a lockable bag for used sponges and brushes.

- Clean up your workplace after each individual.

- As a general rule, wear gloves during face painting and replace after each individual, or wash your hands after each individual with soap and water or a hand gel with at least 70% ethanol.

Superstar advises to use personal protective equipment. If other measures are applied by the government or the ministry of health, these tips should always be followed.

The Dutch government indicates that wearing a mouth mask is not mandatory if you are in a contact profession, because a clear customer evaluation is done prior to the appointment. If a customer shows symptoms or has complaints, they will not be able to paint their face. If you decide to take further action, you can use the tips on personal protective equipment as a guide.

Additional measures:

- Always keep 1.5 meters away.

- Organize your workplace in such a way that parents can keep that distance from each other.

- Create a walking route, where a one-way route is possible.

- Do not shake hands.

- Cough and sneeze into the elbow.

- Do not touch the face.

The generally applicable Dutch RIVM guidelines are part of this protocol!

Pay attention! This protocol is based on the current state of knowledge and can be developed as understanding of the adapted grows.

If other measures or regulations are applied in your country by the government or the Ministry of Health, these regulations should always be followed.


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