Discover the wide variety of colors, sizes and ways to apply glitter to your projects.

Glitter is one of the most popular accessories for artistic makeup and Body Painting, either for the ease of application, fast effects with brilliant results or for the simple fascination with glitter.

Kinds of glitter.

- Basic glitter with single-tone glitter. Ideal for intensifying areas already made up or pinned on the body and mainly on the eyes and lips.

- Chunky Mix glitter or various sizes. Ideal for effects with degradation and to increase the light effects of larger areas either on muscles, cheekbones or around the arch of the eyebrow.

- Laser Glitter. With flashes in various shades that allow you to implement a greater variety of shades to a color and that the effects of brightness change based on the movements of the person.

- UV glitter. Ideal for projects with black or neon light. The most used for changes or high impact flashes in events, clubs and perfect for blurring effects in previous UV painting.

- Glitter Spray. Perfect for adding sparkle and sparkle to wigs and hair.

- Biodegradable glitter. Among our most beloved products is the Superstar BIO glitter, which in its normal or chunky mix variety, allows us to use the glitter and enter the sea or go to a festival knowing that the glitter we leave on the way will biodegrade 100% .

How to apply it.

No glue is required or much hassle unless high application precision is required. You can use Glitter gel, a little hand or face cream is enough for the glitter to adhere to the skin. It can also be applied while the water-based makeup is still fresh and a last option would be when applying the fixative (only in the case of liquid and non-aerosol fixers) you can quickly apply the glitter and it will be fixed together with the makeup . discover the great variety of glitters that Body Painting Barcelona has for you.


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