Why choose the Leo Altamirano professional makeup and Body Painting academy in Barcelona?

It all depends on the direction you want your career to take in the world of makeup, it seems that there is only one path, but in reality there are many and very different. You can be a very versatile makeup artist and learn different techniques and have the ability to change styles, but you can hardly specialize in something if you do not focus your style based on your personality and your qualities.

The differences from one makeup to another can be abysmal, from a simple belly painting to a bridal makeup that must withstand hundreds of kisses and remain looking fresh and radiant, a makeup for photography where every last detail will be seen and should not shine , the makeup of a Drag Queen where you can change features, remove eyebrows and endure the sweat and hustle and bustle of a show, special effects makeup with prosthetics, extreme realism and even be waterproof or makeup for advertising videos, characterizations and many more.

At the Leo Altamirano Academy we are focused on marketing, artistic and conceptual makeup, events, carnivals, cinema, theater, television and social networks. If what you are looking for is conventional makeup or specialize in Bridal makeup or aesthetics, this is not the academy you are looking for. There are many very good academies in Barcelona specialized in this branch of makeup.

Our mission is to teach basic makeup techniques in each of the aforementioned areas, from conventional makeup, airbrushing, photography, marketing, to FX film special effects makeup. All this is to find the qualities of each student and promote their strong parts, to create their own style and help define the work options they may have in the world of makeup. Choose the course that best suits your growing needs. There are two main courses at Leo Altamirano Academy.

Body painting PRO.

This course is the longest, with a duration of 10 months, Saturdays from 10:30 to 14:30 or from 17:00 to 21:00, only one day of classes a week and with the possibility of practicing on the workshops days.

This course consists of providing all the necessary techniques of professional makeup and Body Painting.

First you learn the basic techniques of conventional makeup. Light, Shadow, Conturing, Blurring, facial features, Symmetry and others. You must know and test the materials available for makeup, you must know exactly what results are obtained from each product, how it is applied, with what it is best to apply it and having this knowledge you can decide which elements will offer you the desired effect and resistance to each project.

Different application techniques must be learned, simply to know which is the one that is most facilitated to each student, from the use of airbrush, brushes, brushes, sponge or even hands, sometimes the process does not matter so much as the final result . In makeup the final result is crucial. once you know the rules you can break or twist them to create visual effects, aging, false wounds, zombies, deformations and unleash your imagination.

The third phase of this course is unconventional cosmetics, for a special effects makeup. Creation and placement of prostheses, styling, realistic effects, characterization, differences of photographic makeup, film, theater, events, television and others. Once this is done, the fun part begins.

It is about enjoying and having fun in every moment of what will be your job, source of income or simply an escape from the everyday world. Try to print your personality and opinion on every job you do. Find the area where each student stands out and achieves a strong level of competitiveness.

Create a curriculum in which your objectives, talents, qualities are already reflected and all this is appreciated by simply looking at the images.

Characterization, Airbrushing and FX Makeup

This course has a duration of 6 months, Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 14:30 p.m. (only one day of classes a week) and with the possibility of practicing on the workshops days.

This course is focused on those people who have studied aesthetics, makeup or are self-taught. This course directly teaches techniques and knowledge of specialization in makeup of special effects and characterization and tries to give a radical change to conventional self-makeup. Inspired by Drag and makeup artists on Social Networks.

The main objective of this course is to give each student all the specialized tools and techniques and encourage them to create their own style and personality in their work, developing as creative artists and being able to create impressive artistic and conceptual makeup looks in themselves. and in models.

The techniques that will be learned will be: Special Effects Makeup, Airbrushing, Creation and placement of prostheses, Characterization and Styling. The main difference between this course and the Body Painting PRO course is that the bases of conventional makeup will not be taught here.

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