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Pankro professional brushes set

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Pankro professional makeup brushes Set 


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Includes the next Pankro brushes and holder bag

F - 01. Rigid fiber brush, perfect for combing eyelashes and eyebrows, and also for applying and removing excess mascara.

F - 02. Double brush with fiber brush and metal handles with protector, this brush is perfect for retouching and combing eyebrows and comb of metal spikes to comb eyelashes and remove excess product.

F - 03. Fiber brush specially designed to apply eyeliner, thanks to its inclined shape allows greater precision and comfort when applying the product

F - 04. Fiber brush finished in rounded tip, specially designed to profile and fill the lips.

F - 05. Bevel fiber brush, perfect for makeup and filling the eyebrows, can also be used to apply eyeliner.

F - 06. Bevel fiber brush, perfect for applying eyeliner and for makeup and eyebrow filling.

F - 07. Fiber cat-shaped brush. Thanks to its rounded shape and slightly shorter than the F08 and the F09, this brush is perfect for applying and blurring shadows on the eye contour.

F - 08 and 09. Fiber brushes in the form of cat tongue. Designed to apply shadow in precise ways on the mobile eyelid.

F - 10. Round fiber brush. Thanks to its shape, it allows you to apply shadow in the eye socket precisely and comfortably.

F - 11. Round fiber brush. This brush is perfect for blurring shadows creating subtle transitions between colors.

F - 12. Round fiber brush. It allows the application of correctors, allowing a natural finish. It is also suitable for applying illuminator and creating points of light very precisely.

F - 13. Cylindrical brush with flat cut, fiber. This brush is designed to apply foundation, both cream and fluid. It does not create lines, leaving a smooth and perfect finish on the skin.

F - 14. Round brush finished in fiber tip. This brush is perfect for skin contours, both with fluid and powder products. Thanks to its shape, it allows a precise application and allows it to blend perfectly.

F - 15. Cylindrical and rounded fiber brush. This brush allows precise application of the blush.

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