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Professional course of Face Painting, Body Painting with airbrush. Latex applications and FX special effects. (70 hours- 17 days) 4 Months.

Next Course given by the artist Leo Altamirano

From September 5 to December 26, Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (open inscriptions)

To be able to take this course you must be enrolled in the Leo Altamirano Academy.



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Total cost of the course: € 560

Monthly payments of €120

Enrollment: € 80 (to be able to take this course you must be enrolled in the Leo Altamirano Academy).


⦁ Colors according to the skin tone

⦁ Fisionomy of the face

⦁ Accent or diminish features

⦁ Artistic makeup

⦁ Theory of color applied to Body Painting

⦁ Makeup application with brush and sponge

⦁ Airbrush makeup application

⦁ Creation and use of templates

⦁ Techniques and effects

⦁ FX and makeup of Theater, Cinema and TV

⦁ Application of prosthesis and Latex Effects

⦁ Advice for photo sessions

All the courses in the academy are taught in English and Spanish, depending on the needs of the group.

In this course we prepare you for the competitive world of Body Painting and Artistic Makeup. We will make use of all the possible tools to exploit your creativity and that you can carry out impressive creations your artistic projects of Body Painting.

In this course you learn to use water-based products for use with a brush, sponge and airbrush for Body Painting creations.

We use color theory to help you choose the right colors for the emotions you want to reflect in your project.

The course will allow you to explore the tools available for your projects.

Water based makeup for use with brush and sponge brands Pankro, Kryolan and Superstar.

Paints for use with airbrush and brush mark Senjo Color.

Tattoo Ink for temporary tattoos of Senjo Color.

Application of special effects and Latex prosthesis.

With this course you can enter the academy job exchange and also get professional discounts at the store.

In the courses of the Leo Altamirano Academy, students are allowed to bring their own work materials.

At the Academy you will be provided with all the necessary materials for the cleaning of airbrushes, brushes and tools. As well as the use of the showers and facilities of the studio and the academy.

This course does NOT include the materials. Students era allowed to bring their own materials or they can also be purchased at the Academy Store.

The materials needed for this course have an approximate cost between €180 and €400.

The airbrushes provided by the Academy during the course, to learn the technique are of the highest quality. Designed specifically for the use of paintings for Body painting by Senjo Color by the German brand Harder & Steenbeck. Students are also free to bring their own airbrush and make use of the compressors of the academy.

In this course there will be two occasions in which a person is required to paint, the student has to have his own model for these days. If the student does not have a model, the Academy can provide the contact of professional models that work for the company, as long as only the marks and materials approved or provided by the academy are used. (the cost price of the models is not included in the course) for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Once you have made your purchase, you only have to call the Leo Altamirano Academy to register for the next course of your convenience.

You can also send an e-mail to to register and we will respond with confirmation within 24hrs. depending on the availability of the course.

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