Characterization and FX Make-up

Monthly payment FX make-up and Characterization course.

Professional course of Characterization, special effects makeup, Styling and Body Painting. (96 hours- 24 days) 6 Months.

Next Course taught by the artist Leo Altamirano

Mornings - From Jun 4 to December 17, 2022, Every Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Open Enrollment)

Characterization and FX Make-up

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This course is made for anyone who wants to make an eccentric change to conventional make-up. Based on the aesthetics and glamour of DRAG and The Social media Characterization. It is an intensive course that will give you the basic topics and tools of styling, special effects make-up, prostheses and airbrushing. ( This course requires previous knowledge of make-up)

Total cost of the course: €640-€740, Monthly payments of €160, Enrollment: € 100 (to be able to take this course you can be enrolled in the Leo Altamirano Academy, the enrollment is not mandatory). 

In this course you learn to use water-based products for use with a brush, sponge and airbrush for Characterization and Body Painting creations.

The course will allow you to explore the tools available for your projects.

Water based makeup for use with brush and sponge brands Pankro, Kryolan and Superstar, application of special effects and Latex prosthesis. With this course you can enter the academy job exchange and also get professional discounts at the store.

In the courses of the Leo Altamirano Academy, students are allowed to bring their own work materials. At the Academy you will be provided By airbrushes with all the necessary materials for the cleaning airbrushes. As well as the use of the showers and facilities of the studio and the academy.

This course does NOT include the materials. Students era allowed to bring their own materials or they can also be purchased at the Academy Store. The basic materials needed for this course have an approximate cost between €300 and €500.

Once your purchase is made, you just have to call the Leo Altamirano Academy to register for the next course of your convenience. You can also send an E-mail to to register and we will respond with confirmation (depending on course availability) within 24 hours.

Remember to read the terms and conditions before making any purchase.

Characterization and FX Makeup Course.

Schedule September 3, December 7, 2022

Welcome to the Characterization, FX Makeup and Body Painting PRO course. These are the characteristics of the course:

Classes are supervised theoretical and practical. Generally you will make up yourself and other students, as well as painting half bodies and full body body painting of an external model.
In these cases you can choose the model with whom to work with someone you know or you will also be provided by the academy volunteer models for your projects during the course.

During the course you will learn the most used techniques in the world of professional makeup, Face and Body Painting, as well as the bases of airbrushing, special effects makeup for events, magazines, theater, cinema, etc.

The course is taught by Leo Altamirano, founder of the Body Painting academy, studio and store in Barcelona. Member of the World Body Painting Association WBPA. There is also the possibility of having classes taught by invited professionals to share their knowledge on specific topics.

In this dossier we inform you about the most important characteristics of each class and the possible basic materials to use. Students can bring their own supplies or they can also buy them in the academy shop. All students will have the respective professional discount for each brand.

Pankro 20% Kryolan 10% Senjo Color 10% Funky Vision 10% Magic Gardens 15% Swarovsky 20% Leo Altamirano Studio 20% Diamond FX 10%

You will find in each class the basic materials necessary to carry it out, but it is always recommended to bring all kinds of extra materials to be able to do it, since you will always want to add techniques already learned in previous classes even if they are not within the topic of the day, for example If you have already learned how to apply latex or some wax, you are free to apply it in any future class.

You will be given a theme or challenge that you will know what it is about a week before or even at the time of the class. Generally these small changes or twists of the class are focused on fostering your creativity and preparing you for the real environment of a professional artistic makeup artist. With each class the difficulty and use of techniques already learned will increase.

September 3 – Creative FX makeup.

In this class all doubts about the creation of prostheses will be clarified. All students will be able to decide whether to make their own prosthetics in the future or to buy them. In this class students will have to create visual effects with the use of prosthetics created on the spot.

The importance of creativity and product knowledge is key for this class, it's about planning a look on the fly with quick build apps, encouraging creativity and breaking the rules of FX

Basic materials: makeup, body paint, brushes and/or sponges, adhesive cleaner, glitter gel or body cream, glitter and/or crystals, clay or plaster or monster clay or bald heads or any material chosen for the first mold, as well as the use of liquid latex or silicone for the creation of the prosthesis.

We will also talk about the materials to use in the next class of beards.

September 10 – Placement of Beards.

This class explains different techniques for applying beards and hair. as well as the chopping technique. The materials used will depend on each student.

September 17 – Freezing effects.

In this class, a specific fabric will be chosen to be able to do camouflage effects, focusing only on a specific point of the camera's eye. The fabrics can be provided by the academy, but the student can propose their own fabric, but this must cover a certain degree of difficulty.

Basic materials: makeup, body paint, body glue, body sticker remover, ice kit effect, glitter or holographic flakes or some type of glitter, brushes and sponges.

September 24 – La Mercè (no classes).

The students will be able to decide if they prefer this day or Saturday 25 after the night of Sant Joan.

October 1 - Time management and gateways.

In this class we begin to understand the world of work that awaits us, the difficulty of the classes increases to be able to work under pressure and face various inconveniences.

Basic materials: makeup, body paint, brushes and/or sponges, adhesive cleaner or remover, social makeup, eye shadows or pigments, illuminators or glitters. In this class you can make use of indistinct materials to speed up makeup time and gain speed.

October 8 – Improvisation.

After knowing how to manage our time, we will also have to know how to manage problems, improvise and achieve the objectives of each project regardless of the inconveniences.

The materials to be used will not be known, bring your briefcase as varied as possible to this class.

October 15 – Aftershocks.

In this class you will have to match a makeup with all the necessary materials, after creating this makeup you will have to decide what you prefer, whether to adapt to the rules or create your own rules.

Basic materials: makeup, body paint, brushes, sponges and fx wax and/or mastix and/or sealer and fixative or translucent or anti-gloss powder or talcum powder.

October 22 – Theatrical characterization.

This class explains the specific characterization techniques for theater and also used for comic or manga effects. With these effects it is possible to make aging, personifications and alterations in an exaggerated way only with the use of lines, light and shadow.

Basic materials: makeup, body paint, brushes and/or sponges, adhesive cleaner.

October 29 – Adaptation to objects.

In this class the student must adapt to the objects provided by the academy. It will also have to adapt to the materials that the academy decides have to be used based on the chosen object.

The student should bring as many materials as possible, since he does not know what he may need in this improvisation class.

The materials to be used in the next class of headdresses will be discussed.

From this class the basic materials to be used in each class will not be indicated, students must bring the materials they consider necessary or improvise if they are not available.

November 5 – Styling, creation of fascinators and super fast makeup.

Totally creative class. During the creation of the headdresses, it will be explained how the dynamics of the end of the class will be, where super fast makeup challenges will be done.

November 12 – Establish opinion and content.

It will be analyzed how to have your own personality without losing sight of personal marketing and being able to work for third parties in an artistic field.

In this class, the works will be asked to reflect a social, political or simple expression and personal opinion content. The main goal at the Leo Altamirano Academy of Body Painting and Artistic Makeup is for students to express their opinions and emotions freely, as long as they know how to add the artistic part even in jobs for companies and clients that require a specific theme.

Some tricks will also be explained to facilitate the next class.

November 19 – Cinematographic characterization.

This class explains the possible techniques to give realism to a specific character. The degree of difficulty of this class is very high and therefore it should be taken lightly since it is very possible that it will not turn out as expected.

Possible use of FX waxes and/or accessories or wigs.

November 26 – Characterization video marketing Social Media and Cosplay

In this class, a trending makeup for social networks and digital marketing will be done. It is about creating original and striking content, either for the sale of a product or for personal image.

From this class, preparations will begin for the final styling and Full Body Painting works.

December 3 – Business Marketing and Photography

This class will study why a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words. What are the normal demands of private clients and companies when it comes to an artist enclosing everything the final client needs to know in a single image.

December 10 – Styling

For this class, makeup and partial body painting will be done with outfits and accessories worthy of a catwalk for which expectations will already be established. The make-up will be done on an external model.

December 17 – Final Body Painting.

For the final class the student will have to decide whether to paint himself or have an external model, but it is a full body body painting, with the techniques and knowledge learned in the academy.


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